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My mind is a terrible thing to waste

From time to time, weird things bubble up from my subconcious mind and inflict themselves upon me. My wife has suggested I write them down here (as opposed to inflicting them on HER!)

So here are some really stupid things that have come to mind recently. I'll add to them as time permits.

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From the perspective of a parent, there are only two stages in a child's life; the early part, when you desperately want them to start talking; and the rest, when you'll do anything to get them to shut up! My youngest is now at the stage where any profound statement by his father results in an infinite regression of "Why?"s, whereas his older brother's reply to any request from Dad is "Yeah, but..."

One job I'd love to have is "Professional Naysayer." Companies could come to me with their "Great Idea", and for a large amount of money I'd say "No, that's totally stupid. Don't do it." I could save people billions. Oh well...

Now that Professional Wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura has been elected Governor of Minnesota, will he be referred to as Jesse "The Governor" Ventura, or "The Governing Body?"

One of the differences between Men and Women is that Men are never seen in public reading magazines with intimate pictures on the cover, whereas women are often seen in public reading magazines with intimate words on the cover. [I noticed this at the health club]

Another difference at the Health Club is that Men seem to go there to generate the maximum amount of sweat with the minimum amount of effort, whereas Women go to expend the maximum amount of effort with the minimum generation of sweat.

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