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Red Spider Virtual Productions© desires a safe and friendly website environment, where viewing pornographic material or being subjected to adult themes is a matter of choice.
The main goal of this awards program is to identify and promote websites designed with younger audiences in mind and those sites directed towards mature audiences who have no desire to view adult and/or pornographic material.

Websites which, as a result of such considerations, produce exceptional webpages designed for a safe and informative Internet experience.

Visiting a Website can be an eventful experience without the necessity of unwanted adult or pornographic content.
Get Your Site Rated!

Another important reason for the existence of the Red Spider Award©, is to promote the rating of content on all sites.

We encourage webmasters to get their sites rated, no matter what the content type, and to properly place the appropriate Meta Tag labels on their pages.
Although your website may be completely child friendly, rating a website will open the door to a much larger audience, an audience that can bring a good deal of traffic to your site.

Many of the blocking programs currently being used depend entirely on Meta Tag labels to decide which websites can be viewed and which websites will never be seen.

Is it possible to imagine promoting a site and not taking advantage of all the avenues made available to you?
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Evaluations are currently being performed by Glenn Edgley.

Glenn is a 49 year old Mechanical Draftsman who has designed several award winning sites, including the Red Spider Award© site.

Glenn has had several years experience working with static and animated graphics and has been writing HTML since 1996.

Glenn is a fair and competent evaluator and closely adheres to the definition and intent of the criteria used by the Red Spider Award© Program.
Should you apply for the Red Spider Award©?

If you think that your website has what it takes to win this award, why not apply today and see how well it does!

Be warned however, we do stick very closely to our award criteria.

If your site does not yet meet the criteria, please do not apply until it does!
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