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The Greyton H. Taylor Memorial Web Award for Outstanding Excellence is not an award you'll receive easily.  This award is in honor of my Grandfather, Greyton H. Taylor.  He was an unbelievable businessman, as well as way ahead of his time.  He was also a wonderful violinist, a published gourmet chef, and was President of one of this country's greatest wineries. Most importantly, he was a wonderful Grandfather and Father.  He believed in fairness, humility, working hard, and sharing the rewards of his life with all of those in his community.  He was quite a man.

Here are the criteria for this award:

  1. Web site contents and design must be ethical (copyrights, links, and credits where applicable).

  2. Web site contents and design must be unique, original in scope, innovative, and visually ahead of the masses (not necessarily flashy!).

  3. Web site contents and design must focus on the audience that it serves, as well as serve that audience to the highest possible product standards.

  4. Adult sites, and sites containing pornographic material will not be considered.

  5. Sites that are racist, hate-oriented, socially and morally unethical, or that hurt, insult, or target any particular group of humanity in a derogatory way will not be considered.

Although all awards in this world are subjective (at best!), every care is taken at Wildbean to make the award decisions in as ethically and unbiased manner as possible.  This means we take our time. 

* To request an award assessment of your site, please fill out the Wildbean Awards Form.  You will get a response that your email has been received.  You will be notified via email only if you win this prestigious awardGood Luck!

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