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Bad Movie Hall of Fame
Giant man-eating, grasshoppers are attacking Chicago! Run to this handy B-movie guide to find out how to stop these creatures. Hint: The movie is Beginning of the End and you use a stereo to imitate their chirps, then drown them in the lake. is simply one of the best resources to get ratings and guides on everything cheesy. Monsters, aliens and giant grasshoppers, oh my. — JT


DVD Easter Egg Hunt
In DVD-speak, easter eggs refer to the hidden tidbits and extras that moviemakers often place inside a DVD and throughout a series of clicks and button-pushes, one can reveal such goodies. To some people, it's as complex as programming a VCR. DVD Easter Eggs remedies this by cataloging easter eggs and providing them in a handy alphabetized format. Simply look up the movie and deciper the extra. — JT


Movie Pooper
Ever fall asleep during a movie and didn't want to rent it again just to see the end? Or don't want to watch that B-movie of the week on TV but you somehow just can't resist finding out what happens to the small town that gets overrun with giant fire-breathing ants? Movie Pooper can tell you exactly what happens in just a few short paragraphs. Go ahead, take a peek. — JT




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In the know

Holladay: Giraffe horns; how to break a diamond.


Scared of nano-pants? Hey, you just may be onto something.

Around the Net

The Library of Congress offers information on the subject of law, from international policy to state legislation.

Tech and policy

Words like 'freedom' and 'democracy' are blocked on Chinese Internet.

Wired kids

A look a three games based on zany movie that are worth checking out.


The condiment packet museum prides itself on celebrating the design and innovation, as well as the contents of condiments.

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