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Welcome to The Domain Space

Value for Money ?

So why should i buy a used Domain name?

Well it works like this...

In Todays enviorment a Website is a must,A Company without a website name looks very unprofessional, and is very difficult to find! A used Domain name has more value because it has been used by another business on the internet and is normally listed in search engines like Yahoo or Google.

So it saves on setting up on search engines, But also it brings visitors to your website. You do not need a seperate website for each Domain name, Just redirect all visitors from your second and any other Domain names you own to your company website.

What Costs Are Involved?

  • The initial cost of the domain name this may be being bought from a company or individual then this is whatever price you agree with them. donít be afraid to offer an amount that is different to the advertised price.
  • The second cost is for the transfer. The registration company will make a charge to transfer the domain name. At present for this is £30 + VAT and is paid to Nominet who control and regulate the .uk domain names .com transfer charges vary according to who it is held by, Normally about £10.
  • The final cost is an on going one. This is paid to the company who will hold the domain name for you. The costs vary from company to company, Normally an annual fee. Shop around for the latest offers & Transfer your Domain to them.
  • Domain names are selling at the rate of 1 every 6 seconds, So the longer you leave it the smaller the chance of getting the name you want!

    REMEMBER...Your website is your shop front, no matter how small your Business your Domain name is up there with the Big Boys !

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