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started this site in 1996 to try and put together all of the Scorpio astrology articles I'd been collecting from books, newspapers, and magazines.  Since then, the site has collected over 35 articles and has become the most comprehensive collection of Scorpio material and Scorpio symbols on the net.  The site has also branched out as my web skills have improved, to more than 102 pages. Consequently, the site isn't just for Scorpios anymore. Thanks for the visits - Currently 1,200 visits a day.  - Enjoy - Jim Watson January 2005.

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0  Scorpio Astrology Profile - 81,000 words on everything you ever wanted to know about Scorpio.
0  Free Astrology Profiles - Four different Natal profiles with example profiles - All free.
0  Today's Horoscopes - Choose from 3 daily horoscopes - Plus IChing & Tarot Reader.
0  Past Life  - Novel Java applet - Who you were in your last past life. - Post/View previous results.
0  Web Page Graphics - Animated Graphics, Backgrounds, Lines, Buttons, etc. To brighten up your site. Backgrounds may also be used on your desktop.
0  Scorpios' Compatibility - Check out Scorpios' compatibility with other signs.
0  I-Ching Card Reader - This is a really amazing I-Ching reader - Toss the coins and divine  future - 1,198 KB. Plus an IChing & Tarot Reader are available for a live free reading here.  - (Download.)
0  Fortune Teller - Reads Tarot  cards, the Crystal ball,  Love Stars,  Dice, Geomancy, Numerology,  Runes, Auras, & Palm Reader - 1,167 KB - (Download.)
0  Search/Translate/Submission Utils - Search the Internet, News & Discussion Groups using the top 10 search engines all at once. Five language translator. Submit your site to the top 21 search engines.
0  Scorpio Symbols - One of, if not the biggest collection of Scorpio pictures, symbols and icons - 87 different pictures. Take what you like.

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