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My Award

So you'd like to win my award? Well, here are the rules:

1. I have to like your site. I'm am the only judge, therefore if I don't like it, you don't win.

2. No sex sites, no illegal stuff, nothing that could get me into trouble anywhere if I linked to you.

So now you're saying, "OK, my site is completely legal and has no sex stuff. How do I know if you'll like it?"

Here's what I like: Fantasy, preferably not dark fantasy altho that could win if it's well done.

Graphics, your own is prefered, but if they're someone else's that's ok, too. They must be well done, not overwhelming. Take a look at the graphics I've made to see exactly what I like.

Overall, your site must be pleasing to my eyes, interesting and creative. Weirdness is ok, in fact I and most of my friends are pretty weird.

Anything covered by one of the pages in this site or anything else that may be interesting.

What I don't like: God stuff. I don't believe, therefore I don't want to read about it. If you believe, that's fine, I just don't want to have to deal with it.

Music, the playing of involuntarily. If your site is about music, or I can click on something to hear music if I choose, fine. But if I have to wait for the stupid player to load when I first get there and then find the little button on your page to turn it off, forget it. There are exceptions, if the music loads quickly, sounds nice, fits with your site really well AND your site appears good on first sight, I'll give it a chance.

Java. If it gets in my way, doesn't work properly, takes too long to load or makes my browser crash, I'm leaving and not coming back.

And I better not have to search to find out where to go next. Your navigation should be clean and easy to see.

So basically, if I get to your first page and stay long enuff to click to another page, your chances are good on getting my award.

I have decided to have a second level to my award, called Dystini's Favored Excellence Award. This one you can't apply for. It goes to sites that I recieve thru regular submissions that I add to my favorites list or bookmarks. These are sites that are of use to me or involve some of my interests and fit my normal requirements.

To submit your site:

Email me (I'll have a form for this soon)

Include the following: Your URL, email address, and site title and a short description (for the winners list, if you win).

If you win, I'll send you an email with the html to link it to this page. You'll have to come back here to get the graphic. If you don't win, you won't hear from me.

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Winners List for Dystini's Excellence Award

Winners List for Dystini's Favored Excellence Award

If you are listed here without a description, it is because you never provided me with one. Please send me one immediately. And if there are any other mistakes, please let me know.

Treg's Confession Vent - Psychological help for any age feeling guilty or stressed. Do you feel the need to tell someone, to confess something that you don't dare tell someone you know? Tell me, I care. I will listen, anonymously.

NormGnome's Garden - A place to rest and reflect, to learn and to grow. Relax and enjoy the beauty of the Garden. Read a book, listen to some music, or join us around the firepit for some wit, wisdom, and stories, or share in the lore of yesteryear. Welcome, and make yourself at home. - automatically promotes to over 300 of the top search engines, indexes and awards.

Personality Creations Christmas - I've done a lot of looking around at the "Christmas" sites (my favorite holiday) and though there are alot of great sites out there, I felt there was some content or "feel" missing from alot of them. I tried not to do that on my site. I even wanted it to snow! Finally I found a way...LOL. I hope you like it.

Little Bohemia on the Hinkson - Scheherazade's wild tales of Little Bohemia on the Hinkson celebrates the arts, Godzilla, caffeine, history, and the general weirdness of life.

The Goodhue Gallery - The Goodhue Gallery is a virtual art gallery experience unlike any other on the web. Visitors browse around looking at images of wonderful art, it's fun, and you might just win something...

Jungle's Place - Personal Homepage, poems wrote by myself and great links

Morlyk's Art Gallery - My own personal Art Gallery on the web. It allows me to display my work to a world wide audience. 8 galleries with computer generated art. Homepage library with free graphics for page design. The Shield Awards, for web page design

RAVENS DREAMING - O brave soul, you found your way here somehow, now you're to be subjected to the torturous ramblings of a mind that wanders winding paths of Celtic, Druidic, Native American and Faery lore, myths, legends and, at times, just plain idle fancies. Along the way, if you look closely, you may discover something about you, me and, perhaps, the Universe. Also, you are likely to be tempted aside to visit sites of thought provoking, bewilderment and scintillating brilliance,

Donnie's Christmas Page - Free Christmas graphics and midi files

Keltic Nations - Catalogue showcasing some of North America's best Celtic artists and craftspeople. See the beauty of the Celtic heritage

UFO's The Beginning of a New World -

Tournament Games - We have a new Online Solitaire game that is FREE to Download and Play, and we pay 3 cash prizes per week to the tournament winners. The game has excellent graphics, sound and Midi music. The game has a built in PingThing feature that keeps your ISP from disconnecting. You also can substitute your own favorite Midi's to listen to during game play. The game has a Special Scoring system developed for tournament play. Your rank is displayed instantly at the completion of each game and you can play as often as you want. We think this may be the most fun Solitaire game yet.

Golden Unicorn - A site of Fantasy, Friendship, and Beauty

Charlotte's Web of Fantasy - A site of fun andfantasy, designed to take you away from the reality of today's world if only for a few minutes. The three Christmas pages were just added this past month. The first one was added because everyone else had a Christmas Page and I wanted one too. Then, I decided to do a page dedicated to saving the Elves

Mind Illusions - Insight into the mind of a teenager in the 90s along with information on wicca. There's also a resource center for people who are looking for things to enhance their webpage

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