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Incubus - Light Grenades    
On 12/13/2006 00:14:51 Editor wrote:
Tags: Signed Bands,Rock,Alternative
"Light Grenades" has been released and I just listened to the song "Dig" and liked it right away. Listened to it 4 times in a row, lol. Next I checked out "Anna Molly" which I liked but not as much. "Love Hurts" is very good and becoming a favorite as well. Since I liked three tracks already, guess i'll pick up the album and check it out the rest.

Here is a Radio Station I created at Pandora. I suggested Incubus there and it mixes them with other bands that sound like Incubus, check it out!

I did indeed buy the album on a walk-in to WalMart!

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Album Light Grenades Light Grenades
Available at Amazon and many others..

On 02/9/2007 04:22:24 OUTLETT wrote:
Tags: Members 4,Metal,Alternative
OUTLETTThe LA-based hard rock band, Outlett, has officially started to explode. In addition to landing a slot on the 2005 & 2006 Vans Warped Tour, 2006 Spring/Fall Tour dates with Platinum selling Powerman 5000 & a slot opening this fall for Motley Crue & Aerosmith, the band's songs have been seeing spins in multiple forms of media. The EP continues to receive rave reviews from a cast of critics across the country and they've reached over seven thousand units sold without major distribution and promotion. The band landed a Mobile Licensing deal with Ultrashort Media airing their video for "Walk Away" on Sprint & O2 (United Kingdom) networks and are the featured artist on Adrenaline Nation TV where their single "Walk Away" hit #1 which is being aired to over 100 million subscribers worldwide. If that wasn't enough, Outlett, was crowned "Rock Artist of the Year" & "Performing Artist of the Year" in the Los Angeles Music Awards, landed in the "Hot 100 Best Unsigned Bands" in Music Connection Magazine and were selected from thousands of artists worldwide as one of the Top Unsigned Artists in the country in The Independent Artist Registry's "Music Phone Book", the Nation's Top Music Industry Magazine.

For two years, Outlett has been steadily building its buzz within the infamous Hollywood club circuit, developing its style and incendiary live performance before an ever-growing fan base. Blending tribal drum beats with driving guitar riffs and a resonant vocal style that parallels Gwen Stefani in dynamics, this committed quartet has created a sound that is consistently commercial yet distinctly diverse.

Outlett's unique style is a direct result of the eclectic batch of inspiration that each musician brings to the songwriting table. With influences that range from Alice in Chains to Thrice, and from Incubus to Pantera, this band has assembled a musical mosaic of quality musicianship and pure passion. By channeling this raw emotion into explosive numbers like "Walk Away" and "What's It All For" it creates a driving force of fury that hits its audience like a musical juggernaut.

But Outlett's solid songs are only part of its overall allure. Fusing its high-octane material into a captivating live show, the band releases a powerful one-two punch that immediately engages every person in every venue. And its buzz has extended well beyond its local Hollywood hometown where they've headlined such famous venues as the House of Blues Sunset, the El Rey Theatre, The Roxy Theatre & The Viper Room. The band has taken it on the road where they've played hot gigs like Cal State Fresno's Vintage Days Festival where the band took home the Grand Prize at their annual Battle of the Bands, to The Arizona Music Festival in Tempe, AZ. Outlett was also selected out of thousands of bands through Sonicbids to rock the stage at the Connexion International Music Festival in Las Vegas, The M.E.A.N.Y Festival in New York City, The Live @ Paintball Festival in Huntington Beach, Live@ First Friday In Las Vegas and the Inkslingers Ball Worldwide Tattoo Tour. Not to mention a slot on the World Renowned Vans Warped Tour 2005 & 2006. By complementing these high profile shows with a steady stream of spins on hot stations like DMX Radio,, Band Radio Live, The Indie Rock Show,, Alexa Radio, Hollywood Music TV, BUZZ Radio, Celtica Radio, iRADIO LA, 104.7 FM in Los Angeles, KCR in San Diego, KRZR in Fresno and so on, Outlett has already begun to infiltrate the greater Pacific Southwest and beyond.

And the band is primed and ready for the exciting ride ahead. They just finished a brand new EP of freshly recorded material for its fans entitled "Chaos & Perseverance" which has already received over 20,000 plays on Myspace in just 3 weeks. Now, as the band embarks on its exciting ride ahead, it remains fixed on giving the kids the one thing that they need the most:
A genuine, emotional Outlett.

Visit the OUTLETT Web Site
OUTLETT songs, lyrics & other media

New Kittie Album 'Funeral For Yesterday'    
On 11/01/2006 03:21:34 Editor wrote:
Tags: Signed Bands,Heavy Metal,Gothic Culture
Kittie will release this album on 02/20/2007 and under thier own label,
"X of Infamy", many of us think this is way cool!
Funeral For Yesterday
Morgan Lander says that this album is totally awesome and that there is much more musicianship then ever before!

Dec 01, 2006 I just listened to the clips, "Witch Hunt" & "Funeral For Yesterday" and they are very good! Keep up the great work ladies!

Some of the song titles for the album are: Will To Live, Witch Hunt, Around Your Heart, Never Again, Funeral For Yesterday, The Change, Breathe, Last Goodbye, Slow Motion, Flowers of Flesh and Blood. I personally like "Witch Hunt" and "Never Again"!

Here is a Kittie Radio at Pandora ROCK IT!

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Unsigned Band Promotion    
On 11/14/2006 18:59:45 Editor wrote:
Tags: Unsigned Bands,Promotion,Free Services
Walter Hargrave - DW Drum Kit   Hi my name is Walt, welcome to my humble abode! I will be picking a few bands every month to place on this page to help promote you guys. I spend alot of time spreading the word about groups that I like. It's mostly a hobby for me but I enjoy doing it!

   An advantage we have here over other sites is speed. Over at myspace I am having all kinds of trouble just trying to check out bands or send messages etc. Another cool thing is I will take suggestions from you guys and you'll see results quickly. I am the programmer and owner and you will find that I am very passionate about this.

   I am about finished with code so we can all see the bands I have selected to promote. I have started rotating bands on the front page and you can see them below. If you would like to be part you can Sign-Up here

My main goal here is to basically make a database of bands that I like and promote them here on CK. Each time a new album comes out, I will post information about it here and make sure it gets to the masses. Evetually I plan to have your concert schedules here to. I will be using the RSS Feed rss format so I can share the concert schedules with other sites automatically. So when you post the info here, virtually 100's of sites would recieve it in one update. :)

Get on the ground floor of many more things to come. This is only the beginning!

More Soon, Stay Tuned!


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