This is the official website of the Association of Certified Internet Business Consultants (ACIBC); where we provide Internet Business Opportunities, Resources, Training , and Funding so our members can achieve the Maximum level of Success as Internet Business Consultants (IBCs).

We also provide a FREE Internet Based, Automated Network Business Building System with Training to our Professional members to support them in their efforts to become an effective and profitable Internet Business Consultant.

Why Join A Professional Organization?

Internet Business Consultants need to stay connected to emerging ideas and trends. One of the most helpful and necessary things professionals in the field can do to stay informed and connected is to join their professional organizations.
Professional Organization help to continue the professionals' education, increasing their credentials and certifications. They help to contribute to the field, building networks of friends and colleagues. Joining a professional organization related to your field of study can open opportunities for networking with individuals in your career field. Often, some of the best job positions are discovered through networking.
Also, being a participating member of a professional organization demonstrates your initiative in maintaining professional knowledge in your field.

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Association of Certified Internet Business Consultants is to make a discernible difference in the quality of business and business opportunities on the Internet.
To encourage and promote ethical behavior in all business dealings, while providing service to our membership.
In this pioneering effort to create a new vision of people who are in business in this seemingly impersonal and unresponsive media we recognizes that we must lead and not follow.
In keeping with this philosophy, the content of our site and the behavior of membership reflect the ethical and moral values of world religions and professional organizations everywhere.

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Types of Memberships

There are two types of memberships offered by the ACIBC. The first is the Associate Membership which requires no membership fee. However, we are making some fundamental changes to the ACIBC FREE membership.
Free Members will now be REQUIRED to paticipate in a set number of our FREE and Low Cost programs in order to maintain their membership.
The Associate member has access to the Associate membership area with limited benefits but cannot apply for any of the ACIBC's Certification programs.

The second type of membership is the Professional member which is fee-based. The Professional member has access to the Professional membership area where all benefits are available. This member can also apply for any or all of the ACIBC's Certification programs.

To learn more about our Membership Requirements .

Primary Benefit of Professional Membership

Our Professional members are Automatically Funded into our Internet Business Training and Funding program when the initial annual membership fee is paid in full.

The Internet Business Consulting Training program will lead to recognition as a Certified Internet Business Consultant when the Certification exam is passed with a score of 80% or better. The Professional member is then provided a certificate of IBC Certification as recognized by the ACIBC.

An Associate member can upgrade to a Professional member at anytime and be Automatically Funded into our Internet Business Training and Funding program.

To learn about other benefits provided by the ACIBC .

Types of IBC Certification Training

At present, the ACIBC offers two types of IBC Certification Training programs with a third upcoming in the near future. The first is the IBC Certification Training program that all professional members are Automatically Funded into when the initial annual membership fee is paid in full. This program provides IBC Certification training with emphasis on Internet Marketing.

The second IBC Certification Training program is a Web-based Training program and has a fee in addition to the Professional Membership fee. The program provides IBC Certification Training with emphasis on eCommerce.

The third IBC Certification Training program is our upcoming IBC Certification Training program with emphasis on Web Development. This IBC Certification Training program should be available during the first quarter of 2005 and will involve a fee in additional to annual professional membership fee.

To learn more about our IBC Certification programs .

The Internet Business Funding Program

The ACIBC Automatically Funds its Professional members into a variety of program at the time the initial annual membership is paid in full. This funding program can allow its members to reach Millionaire status in one year; plus, it makes available an IBC training course that can lead to IBC Certification in a self study individually paced environment.

In order for the ACIBC to fund you into the Go4Millions Funding Program, first join as a Professional Member by paying the annual fee. Then signup with Go4Millions to get the fifteen day free membership. To Join as a Professional Membership and signup for the Free Go4Millions Training Program .

The Internet Based Business Building System

All Professional members that join the ACIBC will be provided a FREE Internet based, Automated Network Business Building system. This system will be used to Automatically Build the Internet Business Training and Funding program.

There will be a training session held each Thursday 8-9pm cst using our Web-based Voice Conference center. This training will provide instructions on how to setup, design, and use this Automated Network Business Building system.

Eventually, a Certification program will be developed to certify Professional members who complete the Internet based Network Business Building Certification program provided by the ACIBC.

To learn more about the Business Building system .

Increasing Your Effectiveness

The ACIBC provides Membership password protected areas where an abundance of resources are provided that will increase your effectiveness as an Internet Business Consultant. These tools will prove to be invaluable at improving your skills, knowledge base, and credibility as an Professional IBC.

Whether your objective is to design and sell websites, to work as a webmaster, offer Internet Marketing services, or to provide consulting to businesses that seek to utilize the moneymaking power of the Internet; you will find great value and assistance through your association with the ACIBC.

Opportunities for Internet Buiness Consultants

Businesses are anxious to find professionals who can help them establish a profitable web presence on the Internet and improve their bottom line through the use of eCommerce and informational websites.

It is the purpose of the ACIBC to provide the information, resources, tools, training, and funding to assist you toward gaining your share of these clients.

Capture your Share of the Market

The potential for online sales of products and services is one of the many reasons why businesses are attracted to the Internet. The ACIBC will provide you with the necessary information to become a successful Internet Business Consultant, so that you can capture your share of these aspiring businesses.

You'll learn everything from the basics of the Internet to how to design and effectively market websites for the businesses of the future.


There is a wealth of information within this site that will enable you to make an informed decision to join the ACIBC. You will not only have access to the Membership Protected areas, which contains a treasure chest of information, tools, resources, and training to support you in your efforts to be a profitable Internet Business Consultant, but you will also reap bountifully from the many benefits that the ACIBC provides it members that can propel you to ultimate productivity as an IBC.

This site will become a powerful tool to assist you in your efforts to sell websites, consult with prospective clients, and to find maximum success as a Certified Internet Business Consultant.

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