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Welcome to the home of the Médaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence. Regular visitors will notice a new look; and a slightly different address for this, the main page.

Sites that have been awarded the Médaille d'Or are listed and fully reviewed in our Successful Sites section, or if you prefer you can find them - or anything else on this site - via the Site Map.

Finally, you can search the Médaille d'Or site from our Search page.

We trawl lists of new and popular sites to find those worthy of the Médaille d'Or. We also welcome submissions, so if you feel your site might qualify, please use our nomination form. If you have been successful you will hear from us within six weeks of the date of your submission. If you have not heard from us within six weeks, you have not been successful.

If it's not your own site you're submitting, please ensure that the webmaster is happy for it to be submitted and will, if successful, be prepared to display the award on the site.

Nominations should be made on or via the nomination form. Email submissions should only be made if an applicant experiences a problem submitting via the form.

Before submitting your site, please read the page setting out our selection criteria. This outlines what we are looking for when awarding the The Médaille d'Or: and also gives examples of what we are not looking for.

The Award is in the form, as the name implies, of a gold medal. This is displayed on successful sites in one of the four sizes shown on this page. These are approximately 60, 80, 90 and 100 pixels in diameter and are shown on the right. The Award may be displayed as often as the webmaster wishes on a site, but should not be displayed in any altered or edited form. Finally, it must always be displayed in the form of a link to this page at

The Médaille d'Or and the images associated with it remain at all times © Médaille d'Or 2001 and we reserve the right to withdraw the award should the quality of a site in our view deteriorate. If the award is withdrawn the images associated with it should be removed from the site within a reasonable period of time.

Successful Webmasters can choose to display the The Médaille d'Or in any of a number of different sizes.

Shown in the logo above is an example of a 100-pixel image.

The Médaille d'Or
The 90-pixel image.

The Médaille d'Or
The 80-pixel image.

The Médaille d'Or
And the 60-pixel image.

Finally, there also exists a 200-pixel image, available on request: though any site whose design it suits would probably not qualify anyway...

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