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A Fistful of Koku

He was Itto Ogami, a man who held himself to the harsh code of Bushido, entrusted by the Shogun with the gravest of responsibilities, that of official executioner. His flashing blade brought swift release to those ordered to commit Seppuku, ritual suicide - be they man, woman, or even child.

He was Itto Ogami, falsly accused of treason by the evil Yagyu Clan, stripped of his position; his wife murdered by Yagyu assassins.

He was Itto Ogami, a father who gave his infant son a terrible choice between a beautiful red ball and a sword. To choose the ball meant to join his mother in the Void, to choose the sword meant to join his father, now a Ronin, a samurai without a master, in a terrible journey that must end in revenge and death.

Now Ogami and his son are no more, and through the countryside of Japan stalks

The Lone Wolf and Cub!

500 gold pieces will buy his sword, but nothing can buy his honor.

The classic "Baby Cart" films are finally available in legitimate wide-screen collectors editions (on both VHS and now DVDs!), lovingly translated and subtitled by the famous AnimEigo team.

Now for the first time you can experience the true depth of plot and subtlety of expression of this magnificent series, justly acclaimed as one of the classics of the genre!

Liner Notes

 Sword of 

 Sword of 

Samurai invade the UK We are pleased to announce that ArtsMagic has released Lone Wolf & Cub, using our subtitling and translation, in the UK.

"...[a] stunning visual ballet of violence and bloodletting" - Leonard Maltin

Like all of Samurai Cinema's releases, Lone Wolf and Cub is uncut, unedited, and presented in the original theatrical aspect ratio. Not a single drop of blood has been omitted!

The entire LW&C series has now been completely released on DVD, digitally remastered from new prints in anamorphic widescreen!

WARNING: Contains violence, nudity, and strong subject matter.

The Lone Wolf & Cub Box Set [Top]
All 6 Lone Wolf & Cub movies in a special collector's box set. Get all the carnage at once and save!

Sword of Vengeance [Top]
LWAC_SOV_DVD_3D Betrayed by the fiendish Yagyu, Ogami Itto and his son begin their bloody journey towards revenge. Their first commission: to save the life of a Daimyo and kill the traitors and ronin that plot his death.

Baby Cart at the River Styx [Top]
LWAC_BCATRS_DVD_3D The Evil Yagyu Retsudo sets a band of deadly female Ninja on Ogami's trail. Meanwhile, Ogami must kill a traitor who seeks to sell a Clan's secrets to the Shogun -- a traitor guarded by three men known as "The Gods of Death!"

Baby Cart to Hades [Top]
LWAC_BCTH_DVD_3D After undergoing torture to demonstrate his honor and buy the freedom of a girl about to be forced into a life of prostitution, Ogami is hired by his very-impressed torturers to kill a corrupt governor. The governor figures out he's the target when Ogami turns down the governor's own commission, and the body-count soon starts rising to monumental proportions!

Baby Cart in Peril [Top]
LWAC_BCP_DVD_3D Ogami is hired to kill a tattooed female assassin, but the job is not as straightforward as it seems. Meanwhile, Gunbei Yagyu, disgraced by Ogami in a duel before the Shogun, happens upon Ogami's son Daigoro, and sees his chance for revenge. In the end, Ogami will have to defeat a horde of Yagyu warriors before he can face his arch enemy, Retsudo Yagyu!

Baby Cart in the Land of Demons [Top]
LWAC_BCITLOD_DVD_3D 5 warriors challenge Ogami to duels. Each has 1/5th of his usual fee, and 1/5 of the information he needs to complete his new assignment. Ogami has to be skillful enough to not only kill them, but kill them in such a way as to allow them to tell him what he needs to know, or he's not the man for the job. His mission is to kill a mad Daimyo before he destroys his clan -- a Daimyo guarded by a legion sworn to give their lives in his defense, even though they've just hired Ogami to kill their master!

White Heaven in Hell [Top]
LWAC_WHIH_DVD_3D The final film, and the final confrontation between Ogami and Retsudo. With most of his family already dead at Ogami's hands, Retsudo launches one last plot to destroy him, and when that fails, unleashes the fury of every remaining member of the Yagyu Clan. Outnumbered 5000 to 1, Ogami might be in a little over his head (and thus, lose it!) this time!

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