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Latest News and DVD Production Notes of Interest! [Top]

October 21, 2005: FREE SHIPPING!
We are pleased to announce that we are now offering free shipping anywhere in the United States via USPS Media Mail, with no minimum quantities or dollar amounts, on all orders placed through our shopping cart. For orders placed over the phone, there is a modest "minimum sweet-talking" requirement in order to get free shipping.

Media Mail is occasionally slightly slower than regular USPS service, but delivery is guaranteed in 2-9 days depending on how far away from us you foolishly decided to live (the fact is, there are only 3 true anime fans, and they've been camped out across the street for years. We've always given them free shipping because, well, we're afraid of them)

Orders of $50 or more still qualify for free UPS Ground or USPS priority mail as always.

October 21, 2005: UY Box Set 9 is shipping freely!
Those of you lucky enough to preorder it should be getting it in a few days! Oh, what's that you say? You forgot to preorder? No problem, we have a few extras left over, which you can order here.

October 21, 2005: A new Samurai Cinema title! (alas, not free at all!)
From Ryunosuke Akutagawa, author of “Rashomon”, and Shiro Toyoda, director of “Yukiguni” and “Illusion of Blood” comes a magnificent and horrifying tale of love and madness -- “Portrait of Hell”, starring one of Japan's greatest actors, Tatsuya Nakadai (“Ran”).

A talented artist is forced by his despotic lord to paint a mural depicting Heaven, but the artist can only paint what he knows...

More details soon!

October 14, 2005: Thanksgiving comes early!
Single helpings of Urusei Yatsura, Volumes 36-40, are now available for your eating... er, I mean viewing... pleasure. And unlike regular Thanksgiving feasts, when watching UY, you'll never run into a turkey!

October 7th, 2005: Special Janice's Birthday Announcement
As you all know, Janice is a steely-eyed enforcer (velvet fist in iron glove) whose hobbies include knitting, quilting, and terrorizing production assistants. So in honor of her birthday we're releasing box sets of her favorite "relax for bedtime" movies.

500 Gold pieces will buy Ogami Itto's services, but it costs a lot less to watch him execute those services in all six Lone Wolf & Cub movies. Janice thinks the Lone Wolf is a bit soft, but we think he deserves a box set of his very own.

Find out what the definition of true revenge is in two classic films starring the beautiful Kaji Meiko. According to Janice, she's young, but has potential. Find out what she's talking about by picking up the Lady Snowblood Box Set.

September 19, 2005: The Laws of Anime
Sometimes we just run into something so amusing that we can't resist sharing. So it is with the Laws of Anime. However, we do think that the Law of Americanthropomorphism needs an "except AnimEigo, of course" codicil...

September 13, 2005: Important Pre-Ophelian Pummeling Announcement!
Yes, we're about to get hit by a minor hurricane, but neither wind, nor storm, nor flakey internet connection will stay us from making this announcement.

Will Lum and Ataru finally kiss? Will Megane find true love? Will that cute little fox find his way back to Tomobiki? Does anyone actually like the cute little fox (we sure don't!)

To find the answers to the above questions, fire up your credit cards and pre-order the next to last boxset (#9) of Urusei Yatsura! Supplies are limited, so don't miss your chance!

Now excuse us while we head to the nearest nunnery... I mean, shelter...

September 12, 2005: New shipment of blood, sex and violence arrives at AnimEigo!
What more can you ask for?! Legendary Japanese film star Ishihara Yujiro, ninjas, dead ninjas, decapitated ninjas, aortically-exploding ninjas, sexy female ninjas, an even sexier fake female ninja, gangs of attacking naked female ninjas, and what we think can only be described as "stunt breasts" -- all in one film! The second film in the Shadow Hunters saga - Echo of Destiny is now available!

News so old we've forgotten it! [Top]
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AnimEigo-News is a low-volume announcement-only mailing list that will get you all the latest AnimEigo News and Gossip.
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You can find out more information about these mailing lists and manage your subscriptions by visiting the AnimEigo Mailing Lists Information Page.

Our thanks to Sean Figgins for maintaining these mailing lists.
So who are these people anyway? [Top]
Since 1989, AnimEigo has been dedicated to releasing the finest in Japanese Animation, properly translated, and lovingly subtitled and dubbed in English for the benefit of fans and the Japanese-language impaired. More than any other company in the business, we have released a broad cross spectrum of Anime, from gentle love stories through science fiction to subtle gothic horror.

So, assuming you can deal with our occasionally strange sense of humor (normal people wouldn't do this kind of thing), you'll find lots of interesting stuff on this site. Enjoy it - or our special team of Ninja Entertainment Consultants will pay you a visit...

Remember - if you order via the Web, you get discounts off the list price, plus free (or reduced) S&H if your order is large enough. For example, you can get free ground shipping to US destinations if your order is $80.00 or more. The shopping cart computes everything automatically.
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