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Wait out the load time this site is worth it!

We have just added 5 java browser games to fun to be real. Use the top Icon to the left to play Astroids the second to playTorpedo Alley  the third to play Laser Blocks and the fourth to play Tailgunner.       Play Turn on the lights below.

Click for Tucson, Arizona Forecast   Please click on this banner for a Great 5 day Tucson forcast our home town.

Also check out our new Game Room for more Fun. The level of play is to be proud of.  Deffinetly worth Another look!  As always use the Icon to the left for travel arrangments.                              

You have come upon the fun spot on the net.  Please feel free to explore our pages.  Here at the Extension we are continually looking for new ways to keep you entertained and informed about the ever changing world around us.freddie2.gif (1052 bytes)

The little guy is dancing to Big Band Swing. What do you think?                             Is he good or what!

let me introduce ourselves my name is Michael and my best friend and wife is Mary to learn more about us let me suggest a trip to Medeirosland the original.   You can click on the name now or travel from our links page later.

This is a very important project and any leads or help I am sure would be appreciated.

please sign our guest book we have had over 2,500 visitors                         and only a handful have spent the time to give me feedback.    

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Playing Instructions: The objective of the game is to turn all 25 "lights" on. Clicking a square will toggle its light (as well as the lights of all horizontally and vertically adjacent squares) on and off.

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