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U - R - A REAL
These are REAL SUPER BEES:  
Super Bee!
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Adrian and his real healthy place!
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Allie and her real place!
GermanBea and her real BIG web site in Germany!
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Bill and his real Christmas Pupper!
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Bill Scott and his real brilliant tutorials!
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Brian Bateman, a REAL Technical Wizard!
Chris and a hundred of real cool hot-links!
George and his real love for fishing!
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Leimomi and her real lovely Hawaii!
Lucas' World
Lucas and his real Pooh Bear friends!
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Lynn and her real smart cocker spaniel!
Franklin District Rose Society NZ
Maggiebee for her real treasure of roses!
Welcome To The KJV Home Page
May for her real History of the JKV Bible!
Michael Farago and his real video games!
Robert and his REAL Selfpromotion Tooter!
Fast Free Stuff
Tanya and her really real fast free stuff!
GermanThomas Rohner and his real alpine crystals!
BigStep American Strategies
Thomas Trotts makes real dreams come true!
H. H. Beam Elementary School
Vanda S. Bell and her real elementary school!
Rita und Wolfgangs Home Mainz
GermanWolfgang a real Meenzer!

You are invited to submit your application for this award  for special people with great  home pages!
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This new special web site award with high standards is only given after a careful review of the applicant's web site content and design. The Super Bee does not give points,  suggestions, nor critique, neither does it fit into the usual Gold-Silver-Bronze category.  Upon receipt of  your application, the Super Bee will  visit your web site and review it If she  agrees that you are putting in a great deal of careful thought, interesting material, new ideas, helpful advise, willingness to help others, along with easy to navigate, userfriendly web design, it will be announced, that you are, from that day on, a REAL SUPER BEE! The Real Super Bee award will then be forwarded to you as a token to proudly display on your web site! Good luck in all your endeavors.
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