What do I do when a promotion fails? (plus special note about AEIWI)

If a promotion doesn't work, you'll get an email from Tooter explaining what happened. Most of the time a simple change to your webpage or the data you entered is all you need to do, and then you can repromote to the site that rejected you.

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Believe it or not, 11.13% of the people who use SelfPromotion.com support the site!
The #1 reason for failure is entering a bad url, despite all the checking I do for you. People tend to insist that they are right and my URL checker is wrong. Well, the URL checker isn't perfect, but it's right 99% of the time. If it says the URL is wrong, a lot of the indexes and search engines are going to agree.

The best way to figure out your correct URL is simply to open a browser window, enter what YOU think the URL should be, and load your page. If the URL needs any minor fixes (like missing / characters at the end, etc), then the webserver will tell the browser, and the browser will change the URL displayed in the URL entry field (often called the Location: or Netsite: line). Once your page is loaded, select and copy the displayed URL, and paste that into my form.

I do a lot of error checking on the data you enter, and assuming it gets through those checks, then submissions should go OK. The exception is when the target site you are promoting to spiders your page immediately. If it can't read the page because the URL is bad, it'll reject it. URLs might also be rejected because they contain special characters like ? or $, or because they are "non-domain" ip-address URLs. Some sites accept these, some do not.

Finally, some sites, in particular Aeiwi, spider your page and check to see if it has things like good Meta Tags. They can be very picky. Since I can't control what is on your page, in these cases I send you an email telling you what the site told Tooter. I do this by stripping off all the HTML and just sending you the text of what Tooter was told. It looks ugly, but if you read through it, you can usually figure out what's going on.

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